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Have you ever wondered if you should purchase a vacation home that could generate income when you are not using it? Larson Capital is excited to announce the coming of our newest fund called Larson Reward Estates.  Our aim is to buy 5-6 high end, luxury, vacation homes around the country that you will be able to use at a discounted rate as well as participate in some income generation from these properties when the owners are not using them.  We are exploring properties in Park City, Hawaii, Clearwater, Branson, Bozeman and a few other highly traveled places.

Check out this video of a prospective Fund property in Branson, and learn more about the Fund in this video from President and Managing Member, Paul Larson.

As a limited partner in this fund, you will be given opportunities to vote on further development of some projects that will be on larger tracts of land or place a conservation easement on these properties to protect the land for generations to come.  The minimum investment in this fund will be $75,000 with an additional capital call of 100% of your initial contribution 12 months after your first contribution.

Disclaimer: The information contained herein is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer or sale or any form of general solicitation or general advertising of interests in any fund or investment vehicle. Any such offer will only be made in compliance with applicable state and federal securities laws pursuant to offering documents which will be provided to qualified prospective investors upon request. Prospective investors should review the offering documents carefully, which includes important disclosures and risk factors. The Fund may or may not have an interest in the properties pictured above.