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Investors looking to diversify their portfolio in an alternative investment that is not focused on the stock market or real estate ownership may find Larson Debt Fund I, LLC an attractive place for capital.  While opportunities, interest rates and terms will vary, the Fund plans to target real estate backed loans charging the borrower an interest rate between 10-13%. The Fund’s target return to the investor is 8%-10% per year, net of all fees paid via quarterly distributions; however, there can be no assurance that target returns will be met or that Larson Capital will be successful in finding investment opportunities for the Fund that meet these anticipated investment objectives. Read the Fund’s private placement memorandum and other offering documents carefully before investing. They contain the Fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other information which should be considered before investing. If you are interested in learning more, click the button above.


Disclaimer: The information contained herein is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer or sale or any form of general solicitation or general advertising of interests in any fund or investment vehicle. Any such offer will only be made in compliance with applicable state and federal securities laws pursuant to offering documents which will be provided to qualified prospective investors upon request. Prospective investors should review the offering documents carefully, which includes important disclosures and risk factors. The Fund may or may not have an interest in the properties pictured above.

Funding Progress

Funded of $20,000,000